Shear Madness

Shear MadnessNow in its second year Off-Broadway, Shear Madness has been voted “BEST COMEDY OF THE YEAR” for eight years in Boston and “BEST PLAY OF THE YEAR” in both Chicago and Philadelphia. In addition to its 105 productions in 23 languages worldwide, it’s even listed in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS as the longest-running play in the history of the USA.   Radio Mouse Entertainment is a co-producer of the New York premiere of Shear Madness, now playing at the Davenport Theatre Off-Broadway.

The madness erupts at your not-so-typical New York hair salon, when suddenly the old lady upstairs gets mysteriously murdered and everyone’s dying to know WHODUNIT? Detectives arrive on the scene – and the audience helps to solve the crime, by spotting the clues and questioning the suspects.  It’s the wildest and funniest investigation you’ve ever seen, with up-to-the-minute spontaneous humor that delivers a different performance every night!

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